Platform update for 2019-11-06


Today we have released a new update for Tabbli platform with some bug fixes and new features. The bug with a crashing management interface when the "Add image" button is clicking has been fixed. Also, we improved the computed properties support. Now you can work with dates and HTTP requests inside property templates. For those purposes, you can use the next new objects:

  • datetime - working with dates
  • requests - working with HTTP requests

For example, this is a code which check is company equipment is busy for any orders today and set a boolean property to True or False:

{% set result = DB().get_collection('orders').get_filtered_records(filter_data={'f-cranes':[key], 'dto-start''%Y-%m-%d'), 'dfrom-finish''%Y-%m-%d')}) %}{{ > 0 }}

You can also use HTTP requests for import to the database some date from third-party systems. For example, you can get a converted price from EUR to USD with Labstack like that:

{{ requests.get(''+price_eur+'/EUR/USD', headers={'Authorization': 'Bearer  YOUR_AUTH_TOKEN'}).json()['amount'] }}