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Databases are now a necessary component of any online-based software product and are an essential item of the digital transformation process of any modern business. Despite the broad spectrum of using, databases are still tricky for use by non-techy users. That is why many people are often using spreadsheet software (like Excel or Google Spreadsheets) even for problems when databases are just an obvious solution. The exciting fact is that SQL (Structured Query Language), which is now a standard de-facto language for query the data in relational databases, was designed in IBM in the 1970s as a simple language for non-programmers. But today, we can see that only experienced developers and data analytics are using SQL in their work. For many people, it is very complicated. Of course, the complexity of modern data operation tasks was increased dramatically.

Oleh Korkh

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For the last years, we continually hear about such kinds of things like the digital transformation and business process automation. There are a lot of reasons for that. Because there are many opportunities for new ways to engage with customers, increase workforce productivity, automate routine tasks, analyze business data, etc.

Recent studies say that worldwide spending for digital transformation forecasting for about $2Trillion in 2022. The world is changing so rapidly that business should change very fast for being alive and compete effectively. It also means that companies' IT strategies are a fundamental part of their business strategies, their vision themselves in the future.

It can be a challenge for businesses because of the level of expectations, many connected devices, and a dramatically increasing percentage of the customers who are living in a digital world.

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