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Frequently Asked Question

  • People often don’t know how much of the usual daily routines can be done automatically by creating just a few automation flows. For example, you need details of your user and you send them a message asking full contact data, a scan of ID, certificates or other documents. If no reply for 2 days - you send it again. You receive their reply and if not everything fits, you are sending a new message. When you have complete data, you put it into Hubspot and into some management system. Not so hard, but it takes time. Actually, you need only the 1-sec. action to launch the workflow and don’t pay attention for it anymore.
  • Some of your data could be collected by scraper automatically from external sources and saved into a well-structured database.
  • External mail recognizing system can sort out your emails and extract data from there and put it into the database
  • Automated scenarios will work for you. It will send required notifications for all needed participants. Launch tasks by schedule.
  • Computed properties manage values recalculations when it required.
  • Yes, Google spreadsheets or Excel are brilliant tools to manage a simple flat list.
  • But when your project grows more, you should be facing speed and stability issues. Non-valid data. Searching and reliability issues.
  • Tabbli allows to split your data across multiple related tables and make it logically clear and optimal for speed, volume, access, and security. Avoiding the duplication of data. Then it will be well-structured data. So you can think logically about it and understand how to interact with it.
  • A small example to show the well-structured database instead of a flat table.
Why Tabbli

Use the feature rich solution for your business


Database schema creation

You can organize your data via a set of collections with support of multiple record types and relations.


Business idea validation

Validate the idea of your next project without coding.


Cost effective solution

Start to work with something small and use lean approach for improve iteratively.


Interface customization

There are a lot of options for customizing the user interface for working with data.


Scale when you need it

Choose the pricing plan which is most suitable for you at current moment.


API and third-party integrations

Extend the functionality of your solution with third-party services integrations or public API.