Product Hunt launching and how it helps with Covid-19

2020-03-24 00:00:00

I want to share with you our story of the project development and fast start. The general idea has been proved already by Art West, the founder of NoCodeDevs. The weekly #nocode challenge started on Twitter. Each week, they challenge users to develop a tool, or product, without using code. The better submission wins a prize by the upvotes counter. The idea is a bit similar to Product Hunt itself.

And after 3 weekly challenges, he asked me to make a separate web-app for it. Twitter is not so well-structured to continue this project that way. 

Short draft requirements:

  • Backend system to manage all internal data and users
  • Visitors should be able to submit their entry for an active challenge
  • Password protected membership area to manage their profiles and submissions
  • Everybody can upvote/downvote for any submission

And the first working prototype has been created for 3 hours only. Because it wasn't development from scratch. But from the default template, which contains already many things done from requirements.

Of course, it needed polishing, and it took about 10 hours for 3 days. But polishing never could be finished ;)

Then after it already has a lovely look, I've come up with an idea to launch this project on Product Hunt. But it was quite surprising to get already the next morning message from Art about the project already scheduled to start on Product Hunt. And also, he occasionally destroyed the database, and the website is down. Lol...

And I remembered it was Friday 13, so all goes fine. Thank God and backup restoring. We've launched on time.

We watched the slow growth of upvotes like Silicon Valley heroes.

And it did not help. But after we got to the main page, the process becomes much faster, and we received 300+ upvotes on that day.

Some analytics results:

  • 2000 visitors from Product Hunt for 12 days
  • Avg pages per session 2.78
  • Avg session duration 2:10 min
  • 110 users registered
  • 12 submissions for the current week active challenge

Thanks everybody who supported us on that Friday! 

As you can see from the analytics chart, we've started from 0 on Mar 12. And 200+ visitors on 13 and 14. But the most exciting effect we've got after the Product Hunt Monday newsletter - 1000 visitors. Even better than launching time.

How the challenge project helps to confront COVID-19

Every week new challenge with a valuable prize $100 - $1000. Not bad as help for the family budget. Even if you don't win, you have a new project for your portfolio. It is an excellent opportunity for people staying at home on quarantine to learn some #nocode tools.

Challenge project for you

If you have some similar ideas, you can find the template of such a project in our solutions store. Play with it and improve during the trial period for free.

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