The nocode Job-Board from scratch Day-2 report

2020-01-21 00:00:00

The short list of implementations:

  • The layout is updated for start page and vacancies list
  • New color gamma is implemented
  • Public data are not dynamic yet
  • First registration and login already work

Some steps of today's improvements

Start page

On the first screenshot above you can see some mess in the layout. Because it was required some adjustment and not everything working as it described in the documentation.

But on picture 2 we can see already working layout. It is static and requires alive data from the database.

What should we make dynamic for the vacancies list:

  • Company logo
  • Vacancy title
  • Company name
  • Office/Remote badge - we will remove it because it is not relevant for Project Logistics niche
  • Rate - not sure how to use it. We'll think about it later
  • Bookmark - convenient functionality, but will be implemented later
  • Short description
  • Location
  • Posted Date
  • Salary
  • Type

For registration we need:

  • Confirmation via email
  • Agreement with terms and conditions
  • Show the profile link for authorized users

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