The nocode Job-Board from scratch Day-3 report

2020-01-22 00:00:00

The shortlist of implementations:

  • User's login and profile on the frontend part
  • Uploading the resume data
  • Connecting the Candidates data structure with Users
  • Managing Users and Candidates in the admin area
  • Dynamic Vacancies list with filtration by parameters
  • Smart text search by Vacancies. Handling keywords errors.
  • Separate page for each vacancy

Some steps of today's improvements

Greeting for an authorized user

If the user has been registered and logged in we show "Hello Name" welcome message for them.

It leads them to their profile page where they can see own data: name and email. We will make it editable for them soon.

And they can create already the Candidate profile and upload own CV.

Managing of users and Candidates data in the admin area

We can see all the uploaded information about user's resume and even correct it a bit if needed.

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