Cleaning rental property with inventory

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The easiest and reliable way to monitor the stolen or damaged inventory is a cleaning workflow. Cleaning is always happening between check-in and check-out of a tenant. It doesn’t matter long term or short term. So after the regular cleaning, it is very easy to get the checklist and track each item step-by-step.

Cleaning inventory workflow.

But how to get the checklist to go through? The Janitorial Inventory Management Software should provide it. If you don’t have it, the cleaner will use an excel table or Google spreadsheet or even the paper printed list. And who knows if this checklist is the latest variant and it contains all renovations and updates of the unit.

Tenant Damage Issues.

So when cleaner discovered some item as damaged or absent they should mark it on the checklist relatively. And don’t care about it anymore, because it is out of their responsibilities.

But when you have a smart inventory management software it should be starting the new workflow automatically.

Generally, tenants can't be held responsible for ordinary put on and tear such as scuffs to paint or worn-out carpeting. In cases where tenants acknowledge they caused damage to a rental property, handling repairs is pretty straightforward.

Tenant Damage workflow

Let’s look at how this workflow should be working and what can be done automatically and what is manually

  • A certain guy from the operational field assigned for this workflow
  • The template email should be sent to the tenant (automatically)
  • Then in depends on the tenant’s reply if they agree to fix the issue, it is enough just to check if it fixed with the next cleaning inventory (manually)
  • But if the tenant is not in the fault of this case, the responsible operational manager should fix the issue and reflect it in the inventory list.
  • The most difficult situation can happen when the tenant is at fault but wouldn’t like to fix it. Then their deposit could be used to cover the costs of repairing or renovation
  • Eventually, it also should be fixed and reflected in the inventory list (automatically)
  • The system is tracking such kind of workflow automatically