Marketplace template

NoCode template with dummy data which you can adjust for your marketplace or custom project. It contains examples and well-prepared blocks to use.
Real estate Warehousing

Marketplace Web-app template

  • Can serve as an example of many different parts of project
  • Easy to adjust it for your Marketplace, or any product with password-prottected Membership
  • Allows authorised members managing own data depends on their roles (company, services, goods, profiles, projects)
  • Allows monetizing your project based on billing system and payment systems
  • You can use this no-code template to adjust it for your certain needs easily
  • Filtrable, sorted, and searchable dynamic data
  • Beautiful UI/UX based on design theme or exported webflow design
  • Clear the dummy data and import it from your database.
  • Connect your project with external services via API

You define roles for your project members

  • Everybody can register themselves as a new user
  • Then they can authorise by email and password
User registration

Membership dashboard

  • Everybody can play as many roles as you allow for them
  • They can create or edit own profile
  • They can create and update companies, products, services, some items
  • And every manager can manage more than one company or can be restricted for only one company

Password-protected membership area

User's profile management

  • They can update own data at any time
  • You can change these properties for your own, depends on your project

Candidate profile

Company management

  • Company's manager can upload company's logo
  • Edit the description of company
  • Create and update other data: products, services, projects, equipment
  • They can manage only the part of data you allow, so you can manage the rest of data

Company & Vacancies management

Start page combination

  • You can collect your start page with some blocks
  • Including your project explanation, illustrations, and videos
  • And you can show some featured part of dynamic data as well

Start page combination

Display your dynamic data

  • So you have some database collected from web-forms, by scrapers or imported from CSV.
  • You can show it all or partly on the public website
  • Full-text search by keywords
  • Filtration and sorting by parameters
  • Functionality based on Elastic Search engine

Separate page for each element

  • Here you can have a freedom to show certain properties and values of any element
  • To make a good look of these pages you can use low-code features, based on HTML + CSS

Internal Database management

  • Use the backend area to manage any data inside the system
  • Forbid or Allow some data
  • Use backend for data post-moderation or pre-moderation

Import your data

  • You are free to import data from CSV
  • You can import it regularly from some external sources
  • Or you can export your existing data, change it somewhere (in Excel or iOs Numbers) and upload it again to update

Dynamic data on the public website

Backend User Management

  • Assign some of your users as an admin role
  • Change user's access level and groups

User management

Review existing automation scenarios

  • Existing scenarios automate notifications about user registration
  • and about new items request
  • You can define any new triggered or scheduled scenarios

Automation scenarios

Change existing notifications

  • Rewrite the email templates
  • Redirect notifications to your managers

Automatic notifications