Equipment management system

Orchestrates equipment by time and geo-location. Manages the booking process.
Logistics CRM extention

We show cranes as an example only. You can define any other data like job, people, products, etc.

  • You can use different equipment types, not only cranes
  • You can define parameters for it and separate by categories
  • Set up filtering data
  • Change the order of listed data
  • Define the view settings

This system is convenient to manage the equipment of own company. Or you can be working like an agency and provide other companies access to manage their equipment.

Look 1 hour Webinar video record about the Equipment Management System

Equipment list

  • Filtration by parameters you define for each item
  • Text Search
  • Changing the order of items
  • Set up columns and view settings
Equipment list

Equipment Item

  • We can see and change the full information about the item: Full name, Parameters, Pictures
  • We can see all orders related to this equipment item
  • We have the full history of changing for this item
Equipment Item

Orders List

  • We can see here the full equipment booking list including date period and geo-location where it is required
  • Filtration by dates of order's start and/or finish
  • Easy to add a new order if needed
Equipment Orders List

Equipment Order Item

  • Contains the name of related building object
  • Start and finish dates
  • Place on the map
  • We can change all of this data
Equipment order item