Learning Management System

Learning management system allows organize work with courses and topics, provides a personal space for students for working with lessons.


If you are in the education business or need to organize regular training for employees, you need a solution for publishing the course content, working with lesson scheduling, homework, and some operational things, like payments, for example. That is why you could be interested in a custom learning management system that is as flexible as you need.

Tabbli provides a ready solution for education courses. We also offer consultancy services for digitizing all aspects of your business.


  • Students database
  • Courses and topics management interface with WYSIWIG editor
  • Lessons scheduling
  • Private zone for students for working with course topics and scheduling
  • Submitting homework
  • Lessons visiting checklist
  • Automatical invoices generation and mailing
  • Payment checklist interface
  • Flexible automatical workflows for checking payments, visiting, etc.