Website Membership area

Provides the password-protected membership login for the restricted content available exclusively to participants
Education Real estate CRM extention

Private area can be used for different purposes:

  • Display own orders for each user including the history and the stage of every order
  • Billing and financial information
  • See own activities and history
  • Manage own data records. As an example: equipment items, jobs, bids, events.
  • Manage own profile and settings, reports and notifications, newsletter subscription.

It can be done on subdomain of your website. And it can looks similar to your website design and can use your branding attributes. Like a logo and color gamma.

It can be integrated with some internal accounting or managing system and use this data to display

Look 5 min video use-case about the Website Membership area

  • Define user's groups permissions relatively to their interests, roles, categories
  • You can set up their restrictions to the view only mode or edit data
User's group permissions
  • With this invitation you can engage your new members by their email to finish the registration on your system
  • Manage their permissions at this moment or any time later
  • They receive your email message with the cripted personal link
  • You can define some them admin rights

Invitation for a new user
  • Clicking on the link your invitee finishing the registration process
  • Defining own password and full name
  • And after that they can login and see the restricted content and take part in your system regarding permissions

New Users registration
  • At any time user can edit own profile
  • Change name, email, password, avatar
  • See own activities
Edit my profile
  • You as an admin also can change some user's settings, but not everything of course
Edit user's settings