Rental Inventory multi-templates

How to use different inventory templates depends on the purpose: check-in, cleaning, insurance, advertising, renovation, security, customer care.
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The life of a Landlord or Agency can be pretty hectic. From managing the renovation of units and furnishing the property to customer care workflows. But good services allows you to attract expats, international students and young professionals who have an above-average budget for housing.

Look 5 min video use-case about the rental inventory with different checklists

Inaccuracies in inventory always lead to lost time and money.

  • You should be sure that your advertising list is correct and attracts the most suitable tenants.
  • Proper inventory list helps you to take action within hours if something goes wrong in the property such as the heating system is not working or water leakage. You can inform the professional repairing guy about the model of damaged equipment and how exactly it has been installed to avoid the extra visit of them and wasting time.
  • Providing the regular inventory you avoid the situation when something is stolen or damaged.
  • The right list with the supplier’s prices and articles helps you to update any damaged item and arrange it with a tenant within a minutes.
  • You’ll be aware of planning the renovation of a kitchen or bathroom.

Different templates for different purposes.

So we can see that we need a few types of checklists depends on the purpose. At least two inventory lists should exist and prepared.

  • Check-in/Check-out list - most detailed and includes even all small items to provide an accurate description of the condition of a rental property. It can be used to assess claims for damages at the end of the tenancy.
  • The cleaning inventory list contains only the major items and it shouldn’t require too much time to pass it. It should be easy to use for regular weekly cleaning
  • Some other inventory templates you can use for the insurance, advertising, renovation, security, customer care. It depends on your purpose.

The Check-in/Check-out inventory workflow

  • The Check-in or Check-out date and time should be planned previously and the notification should be sent to emails of all participants automatically. For the landlord or operational manager and for the tenant. This template message must contain the full address of the unit.
  • The relevant checklist should be also prepared for this unit automatically so it must be easy to reach it by the link on a smartphone
  • Having this list it should be easy to pass it item by item and make some notes if needed.
  • Then an electronic signature of both sides can be done.
  • After signing this list as an official document it must be emailed automatically to all of them.

The cleaning inventory workflow

It looks similar to the check-in process but much simpler.

  • The regularly scheduled scenario preparing the template email message for assigned cleaner and send it like the calendar event on the evening before required cleaning.
  • The message contains the address unit and the link of the inventory list
  • Of course, this inventory list should contain the freshest stage of each item and reflect if it is in progress of repairing or it has been exchanged for a similar item.
  • If cleaner discovers that some item was in a good condition last time and it is absent or damaged, then they just mark it and don’t care about it. But the new Tenant Damage workflow should start automatically in the system. Read please more details about it in the Cleaning inventory workflow use-case.