The regular challenge upvoting

Weekly challenge for users to develop a tool, or product, without using code. Everybody can submit an entry, upvote and define a winner.
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Converting the unstructured twitter posts to the Marketplace

  • It was a regular weekly twitter posts with challenges where everybody can take part and submit own entry
  • Winner was defined by counter of twitter upvotes and they got the current prize of the week
  • But twitter timeline goes down so quickly, so old data was lost
  • Anyway those twitter MVP has been viewed over 30,000 times!
  • So the idea was to make a separate project with upvotes/downvotes a bit similar to ProductHunt
  • This project has been created as an adjustment of the default template for 3 hours
  • And then it was just some polishing, which never could stopped ;)
  • Database changes Companies -> Challenges,
    Items -> Submissions
  • Everything else already included in the default template
    • Backend system to manage data
    • Filtrable and searchable dynamic data on the website
    • Password protected membership area for registered users to manage their profile and submissions
Default Tabbli template
  • Changing of color gamma, logo, and some list views.
  • Manually coping twitter data of past challenges

Amazing result
  • And we decide to launch it on ProductHunt
  • And it was Friday 13... lol
  • Occasionally the part of database was destroyed and project was not working
  • Thanks God and backup restoring... We've launched in time

Launching on Friday 13
  • And #5 product of the day we've won
  • About 100 new registered users
  • And many active submissions for the current challenge
  • We loved Friday 13!

ProductHunt on Friday 13